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Fitness Wear

Brazil is known by its tourism, summer and passion. Brazilian people love to exercise in gyms, parks and beaches to keep their bodies healthy and in good shape. This is the greatest factor that led...

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Brazil is known by its wonderful women and the sexy designs of its bikini and clothes. The brazilian lingerie industry is overflowing with skilled professionals and factories that will work very hard and dedicate itselves...

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If you are looking for a good bikini, the best place to find it, it´s the country that is known by doing the best and the most famous bikinis in the world. Our tropical weather and...

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Food & Beverage

Brazil has a huge variety of natural products and cuisine diversity due it's country size and tropical weather. Some of the most known and traditional brazilian products are honey, coconut - oil, water or cream...

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FLOW EXPORT wants to satisfy the growing demand of products Made in Brazil, which will enable the participation of more companies in the international market, with more flexibility and a wider range of product options.

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GOIABADA – The famous Brazilian guava paste
Posted By flowexportbybrazil  Posted On 06-dez-2016

Goiabada is a typical sweet made in the South of Brazil, made by settlers to keep the guava longer the cook in a huge pan made of copper. It’s made

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Brazilian Recipes Series – Banana’s Farofa
Posted By flowexportbybrazil  Posted On 22-nov-2016

Brazil is well known by its lovers because of the traditional foods and mix of flavors. We would like to teach you more about our food and how to make

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Posted By flowexportbybrazil  Posted On 01-nov-2016

Both of them are traditional brazilian candies that are a success and very known all around the country. In Brazil we call  it paçoca - peanut candy and pé de

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