About us

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Flow Export is a brazilian company that looks for satisfy the clients needs, making easy the access to Brazilian products with quality, diversity and offers a really competitive price.

We are located in Porto Alegre and the company was founded by two young entrepreneurs who have seen in the world market the opportunity to support the promotion and expansion of brazilian products sales.

What we do?

We work to have a portfolio with a great variety of products, that will attend our client in a way to find their needs in the brazilian market to highlight in their own country with newness products with loads of innovation and creativity. Nowadays, the companies find difficult to buy products made by Brazil, because less than 1% of the brazilian companies export. We have the solution, with a competitive price and top quality of Brazilian products.

Flow Export wants to satisfy the growing demand of products Made in Brazil, which will enable the participation of more companies in the international market, with more flexibility and a wider range of product options.

About Brazil…

We have been blessed with a beautiful and unique land with an amazing forest, beaches and friendly people! It´s the world´s best cotton producers, largest soybean , bovine / chicken meat and coffee exporter.
Flow Export wants to show you more of this brazilian diversity and versatility in another products and fields.
We want to show you the brazilian side of technology, excellence, criativity, and organic products.