Clothes & Accessories

Our clothes and accessories, bring to your clients a bit of the lifestyle, fun and colorful side of Brazil. Check below some suppliers of Clothes and Accessories.

ROCA: It’s a brand founded by a young entrepreneur, presenting you with its unique style and identity.
In this Chothes collection Róca wish you to release your voices.

Inspired by women who have made a difference, marked future ages and generations, we want to inspire you, to inspire more and more.
The modeling and textile patterns refer to the Sixties, where it lived a inflamante generation, looking for new ideas for their lives, breaking barriers and beliefs with style. Absorbing this climate, the pieces of this collection are striking, showing all the female power with comfort. The tricot are confused and chaotic as our thoughts, and the prints are our imaginary worlds that make us dream higher and believe that YES WE CAN make a difference.

You can have a look the catalogue:


Check also the unique handmade purses:

HI, BOSSA! : It´s a Brazilian company dedicated to make belts and bracelets, made of cow, hair-on, Python and Fish leather. These accessories are magnificent, exotic and pure beauty. The handmade pieces that Hi, Bossa! delivers are unique, never equal to each other. They present the beauty of imperfection and tell us stories of real people.

You can have a look the catalogue:
Check below some of their models: