Food & Beverage

Brazil has a huge variety of natural products and cuisine diversity due it’s country size and tropical weather. Some of the most known and traditional brazilian products are honey, coconut – oil, water or cream – tapioca, coffee, farofa, caramel spread, brazilian candies, açaí, guaraná etc.

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ROCHA:  It’s a company that ensures flavour and quality products with a really tipical brazilian taste. This is the main commitment of Rocha Alimentos. Prepare a meal, a special recipe or just a snack with the best that Rocha can offer in their products.Rocha produces: cassava flour (toasted, traditional, extra thin and yellow),tapioca and farofa.

DA COLONIA:  It’s a well know company in the south of Brazil. The company produces the most tradicional products representing the southern culture of Rio Grade do Sul. They manufacture many kind of candies like peanuts candies, brazilian banana, caramel peanuts; and other products like honey, brown sugar and caramel spread.


GOLD CAFÉ:  It’s a company that offers the best variety of flavours and tastes of coffee around Brazil.You can choose your coffee by region, and choose if you need grained ou grounded coffee.


CACHAÇA:  More than an authentically Brazilian drink, cachaça is today considered a heritage of the country. Merging sweetness and purity, its characteristic flavor translates the essence of the people of this tropical country. The company’s philosophy is to preserve this heritage, producing top quality drinks. The result is reflected in the awards won.