GOIABADA – The famous Brazilian guava paste

Goiabada is a typical sweet made in the South of Brazil, made by settlers to keep the guava longer the cook in a huge pan made of copper. It’s made with guava fruit, water and sugar.


It is known as guava paste or guava cheese throughout the English-speaking Americas, especially the Caribbean and pasta de guayaba or guayabate in Spanish-speaking Americas.

Since the guava is a tropical fruit, it’s really easy to find in Brazil. The guava is rich in nutrients and there are lots of benefits for your health. The guava has 3 times more vitamin C that you need in a day, so it means that it will help a lot in your immunity system protecting you against flu, cold and others. Another benefit of the guava is to keep you blood pressure because it has a good quantity of potassium.

In Brazil, goiabada is usually eaten with Minas cheese. This combination is referred to as “Romeo and Juliet.”


The many different kinds of goiabada depend on the type of guava, and with slightly different textures and flavors. In Brazil, the most widely accepted to be the best (for “Romeo and Juliet”) is called Goiabada Cascão (with fragments of guava in the paste).

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