Both of them are traditional brazilian candies that are a success and very known all around the country.

In Brazil we call  it paçoca – peanut candy and pé de moleque –  peanut chikki.

Besides to be a delicious snack, peanut candy is very nutritive and perfect to give you energy . It´s made out of ground peanuts, sugar and salt. Some recipes also add flour, such as corn flour, oats flour or cassava flour.

In Brazil we even consume before  and/or after gym, because it has a health oil that contributes on your bones growing.

The company Da Colonia, that we represent, thinking about the fitness people launched a Paçoca with a raw sugar and Paçoca Zero with no sugar, both are really delicious and healthier than the traditional one – Both are gluten free.

This Candy is pretty famous, specially during the Festa Junina, an annual festivity that celebrates the caipira lifestyle. It is known for its distinct dry texture and sweet taste, and is one of the most beloved Brazilian candies.

Peanut Chikki is more like a snack that  you can carry everywhere . It’s made with peanuts, sugar and water.

Chikki and paçoca are cash cows in Brazil, consumed at a growing rate in Latin America and even Japan, the main destinations for sector exports. The Arab countries already import the Brazilian product, but still at small volumes.

How about your country? Do you have it? Have you tried it? 🙂